Gornergrat, The Matterhorn Railway

 Gornergrat, The Matterhorn Railway: Departing from Zermatt, Europe‘s highest open-air cog railway.
Gornergrat, The Matterhorn Railway: Departing from Zermatt, Europe‘s highest open-air cog railway.

Experience the wonders that nature has created over thousands of years, cog by cog. Departing from Zermatt, Europe‘s highest open-air cog railway has travelled up onto the Gornergrat, at 3089 meters above sea level, since 1898. Each of the 9339 metres travelled is an experience in itself, every second of the 33 minutes of travel time an unforgettable pleasure. 29 four-thousand-meter peaks – from the Matterhorn through to the Monte Rosa – form a guard of honor. What‘s more, the magnificent vistas from the viewing platform, which remains accessible throughout the year, are all included in the ticket price.

Hotels and restaurants along the route provide for gastronomic delights, sun terraces are naturally included. On the subject of the sun: travelling towards the sunrise with the Gornergrat Railway – nothing could be more romantic. And purchasing a beautiful souvenir for one‘s loved ones on the summit whilst shopping. Moments of genuine happiness.

Whether summer or winter – the Gornergrat offers something for everyone: be it walking, hiking or mountain biking, be it snow-shoe trekking, tobogganing or skiing. But there‘s one thing it offers above all to everyone: enjoyment.

Prices and Timetables

Prices Starting from 40. – Swiss Francs simple return fair.

Special Excursion tickets like “The Peak Pass” are available as well as group prices starting from 12 person.

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Gornergrat highlights in few words:

  • View of 29 four-thousand-meter peaks (in total 48 in Switzerland)
  • Gornerglacier is the 2 nd biggest glacier in the Alps
  • Accessible 365 days without changing a train
  • Departure 50 meters next to station Zermatt
  • Opening train windows for taking excellent photos!
  • All seated, heated coaches
  • Switzerland’s first electric cogwheel railway (1898)
  • Travel time: 33 minutes (one way)
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